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Find Your Path to Product Market Fit with Actionable Frameworks for Building Crypto Products to email over 7 days

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    These are all the frameworks you will get:

    Framework 1.Adopting a Revenue-First Mindset
    Framework 2.Crafting and Selling an Initial Offer
    Framework 3.Crypto Native Demand Gen Tactics
    Framework 4.Research & Product-led Marketing
    Framework 5.Product Prioritization
    Framework 6.Building an Organic Flywheel
    Framework 7.The Productization Ladder
    Appendix 1.BONUS:  Crypto Native Product Market Fit Metrics
    Appendix 2.BONUS:  The "Why You Are Not Growing" Diagnostic Tree

    Do I need to do more or do something different?

    When I struggled to find Product Market Fit, I didn't know which activities were actually bringing me closer to the goal.

    For example, I thought that building product was useful. I didn't realize that I should be sharing it with more people.

    I thought that satisfying many use cases and entry points was crucial but any single one could have worked well as a starting point.

    Indecision or lack of commitment is the biggest blocker on the path to Product Market Fit. To build conviction, you need to be able to visualize how you’ll get there and then execute.

    Don't get me wrong – execution is hard. But a lot of us have what it takes as long as we know it will work.

    In this course, we’ll lay out a complete blueprint for you to get to Product Market Fit. You’ll know where you are and where you’re going. You will be able to observe improved clarity, focus and progress in weeks. Finding Product Market Fit is like running a marathon. It’s difficult, but seeing those mile markers along the way makes all the difference.

    Behind this course

    Peteris Erins smiling profile picture

    My name is Peteris Erins and I've been building highly technical early stage crypto products since 2018. Failing to reach Product Market Fit with a developer tool I worked on has turned into an obsession of figuring out repeatable systems for getting Product Market Fit and helping other teams win. Products I've worked on include Kedro (a machine learning framework with 8k+ stars on GitHub), Aera (a treasury management protocol for DAOs in active pilots) and Yagi (the first yield aggregator on Starknet). Prior to crypto, I was a Strategy Consultant and Product Manager at McKinsey & Company.

    Is this right for me?

    Are you building a crypto start-up or services business right now and want it to grow reliably?

    Are you launching a new crypto product and want to allocate time correctly between development & marketing?

    Are you looking to get an outsized distribution advantage over your competitors?

    Are you looking to improve the quality of your product's community?

    Maybe you're an engineer but love to understand more about product management?

    Would you prefer to make revenue and create value to users vs. just launch speculative tokens?

    ...If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Revenue Before Tokens course is for you.

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